Cranial therapy helps

Great Ormond Street Hospital states that many babies spend their early years with the bones in their skull not being aligned properly.  Chiropractic and Cranial has a positive impact that, at this age in particular, can be developmentally transformative both in the moment and beyond.

Soothing Baby Clinic

The Soothing Baby Clinic at Luck's Yard Clinic in Milford, Surrey.

Started by Nicky Bateman D.C CST, the Soothing Baby Clinic is an integrated screening clinic for young infants, 2-12 weeks old.  

You will receive a very warm welcome and a listening ear. We will take the time to ensure that we understand what you and your baby are experiencing.  

Using Nicky's experience as a Paediatric Chiropractor and with the support of Helen Woodland, Health Visitor, the 45-60 minute appointment at the clinic offers:

  • a paediatric chiropractic health check and examination of your baby
  • NHS health screening for your baby 
  • Weigh and measure and update your baby's Personal Child Health Record (red book)
  • help find the source of your baby's discomfort and signpost you to possible solutions
As part of the screening service, we request that during the consultation, your baby tries the soother whilst you are in the clinic under our observation, approximately 10-15 minutes. This ongoing research is exploring the benefits of a unique specialist soother as a solution for persistent crying (for further information, please see Qudo SootherTM page).

By the end of your visit, you will have received advice and guidance about the next immediate steps and actions you can take to resolve the challenges you are having, whether that is back to see your GP or a referral to another appropriate professional or any other support.

In our first few weeks we've been delighted to see lots of babies and provide help and support for parents.  One our key findings in the last few weeks has been that 83% of babies have had a tongue tie which has contributed to feeding and comforting challenges. 

Please book in and come and see us - Appointments will be held at
Luck's Yard Clinic in Milford, Surrey, on Saturday's and will be free of charge until 12th June. After this appointments will be chargeable.

Please visit to book or call Luck's Yard on 01483 527945.

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