About Nicky and Helen

A dynamic combination of experienced practitioners, Nicky and Helen combine to offer unique support for parents and young infants.

Nicky Bateman D.C. CST Paediatric Chiropractor

Having over 18+ years’ experience as a Chiropractor and Cranial Sacral Therapist, specialising in Paediatrics, Nicky has successfully supported and worked with many challenges and helped inconsolable crying infants. 

She has dedicated her career to improving the immediate and longer-term wellbeing of young infants and their families by helping resolve their discomfort.

As the first three months of an infant’s life is a critical period with surges in brain development and learning, devoting her working life to solve issues for young babies has, and is, her focus and priority. 

The positive impact that Chiropractic and Cranial work has, at this age in particular, can be developmentally transformative both in the moment and beyond for the infant.

Nicky also worked as a Hospital Manager for BUPA Hospitals and was in the Navy before that, all this before she started her career as a Chiropractor and Cranial Sacral Therapist.

Helen Woodland BSc 
Health Visitor

Registered Nurse, Registered Specialist Community Public Health Nurse – Health Visiting (BSc Hons)

Helen qualified as a registered nurse in 1987 and has been a health visitor for over 15 years.

Helen is passionate about helping new parents and babies.  Supporting parents on their new journey and helping babies to promote physical, emotional and social development.  

Helen has attended additional training at both Anna Freud Centre and OXPIP (Oxford Parent-Infant Project) and has also facilitated many baby massage groups to promote positive early parent-infant interactions.

Helen's mission as a Health Visitor is to ensure every child gets the best possible start in life, enabling them to reach their full potential. Supporting parents through the important antenatal period, transition to parenthood and the early weeks, with advice on feeding, both breast and bottle.