Soothing Baby Clinic

A helping hand for you and your baby

The Soothing Baby Clinic

The Soothing Baby Clinic is an integrated screening clinic for young infants, 2-12 weeks old, developed by Nicky Bateman (Paediatric Chiropractor) and supported by Helen Woodland (Health Visitor),

The aim of the clinic is to identify the probable root cause for your baby’s discomfort and signpost you to possible solutions. 

The clinic sessions will last 45-60 minutes and will include a chiropractic examination of your baby and NHS baby health screening tests.  

Appointments will be held at Luck's Yard Clinic in Milford, Surrey, and during this time we would like your baby to try a unique specialist soother, created by Nicky, which tackles the problem of persistent crying.

Appointments will take place on Saturday's and will be free of charge until 12th June.

We've been delighted to have helped many babies and parents already.  Feedback has been fantastic with comments such as:
 "It was fantastic, thank you to both Nicky and Helen for their advice and support. It's a really great service and I would definitely recommend"
"The session was really great, thank you for so many reasons. Not only because you both put my mind at ease but I also I came away with tangible next steps."

We look forward to welcoming you. 

To book, please contact Luck's Yard using this linLuck's Yard or call them on 01483 527945.

Help is at hand

Being a parent of a young baby is a wonderful experience but can be very challenging, especially if your baby is suffering with persistent crying or has difficulty settling for no obvious reason.  We can help.

Our Practitioners

Nicky Bateman and Helen
Woodland are both experts in their fields.  Nicky is a paediatric chiropractor with 18 + years experience.  Helen has been a nurse and health visitor for over 34 years.

A Unique Solution

The Qudo Soother TM.  A scientific, proven solution for uncomfortable and persistently crying babies suffering with colic, reflux, GORD, poor sleeping, poor feeding, undiagnosed pain or recovering from birth.