The science behind a restful baby

We call it Soothing Science

A scientific, proven solution for uncomfortable and persistently crying babies suffering with colic, reflux, poor sleeping, poor feeding, undiagnosed pain or recovering from birth.  

Qudo Soother
TM is the result of over 10 years of research and clinical practice. It has been developed by Nicky Bateman as a direct consequence of working with young infants with a variety of complaints including colic, reflux, insomnia, birth trauma, feeding challenges etc.

Qudo SootherTM reduces and can replace the requirement for ineffective and unwanted medications.

The Qudo SootherTM  works by mimicking sucking on a finger to enhance an infants’ cranial rhythm, resetting and improving biological and physiological mechanisms which stimulates and satisfies the infant’s natural sucking needs, pacifying and comforting.
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What parents say...

“When Riley was 6 weeks old, after 2 weeks of constant crying I felt completely isolated and like the world’s worst mother. Then I got the Qudo Soother
TM and it completely changed all our lives, I am so thankful that I found this soother. If it wasn’t for the soother we would be divorced”
   Kim, West Sussex

“It’s helped 100%, massive help and couldn’t have done without it”   Father, Bristol, July 2020

“T constantly cried, she would try and suck on a normal soother but it would drop out and didn’t give any relief. Qudo SootherTM stayed in place and made her a happy, pain free baby”   Kylie, Hampshire

Video Testimonial 

A short video from a parent whose baby was really struggling and persistently crying.  She was very sceptical about using a soother before she discovered the Qudo Soother and realised it is no ordinary soother.  The benefit was enormous for the baby and the whole family.

Persistent Crying

The Reality

Our research shows that over 60% of parents say their babies suffered with persistent crying or colic. This causes enormous stress and can lead to physical and mental health problems in the parents and babies.  The Qudo SootherTM helps to solve the problem of persistent crying, helping babies and parents.